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How do I begin the process of finding and replacing my rubrail?

First, begin by removing the existing rail to determine the dimensions of your replacement rub rail. It is best to match the "footprint" of your existing rub rail. If possible, remove a section of the rail to compare to our true to size images in our catalog. Second, you must determine the amount of rail needed by measuring the perimeter of your boat. Third, the aesthetic look and the amount you want to spend on the rub rail is important. We are happy to advise you in that department by pin-pointing the rail that may best suit you and your needs.

I cannot find the rubrail I need?


If you cannot find, or are unsure of the rubrail model you need, we encourage you to email an 'end view' photo of your rubrail to If your boat is less than 40 years old and was produced in the United States or Canada we can most likely identify the rail and find the appropriate match!


What variety of colors do you have?


A majority of our rubrails come in white and/or black. Over the years boat manufacturers have grown apart from utilizing unique rubrail colors. It was common for many boat models to use a certain color for a year or two, and then change to another. However, we may have other color options available that are not listed on our website. The best way to find out would be to contact us via e-mail or phone, with the profile and color you are seeking, and we can check our inventory.



When will my order ship?


Once your order has been placed, it will take approximately 2-3 business days for your order to leave our facility. Depending upon inventory, products may ship from either of our two locations - Brunswick, GA or Brockton, MA.

What are your delivery options?


The price and method of shipping determines upon the rubrail model, weight, and length of your purchase. Our rigid, stainless steel, toe and spray rails are produced and shipped in straight lengths, which requires the rails to be packaged in shipping tubes and send via freight truck. Our flexible, uni-flexible, and semi-rigid rubrail are often coiled and shipped via UPS. Naturally, freight truck shipments are more costly than UPS shipments. It is possible, upon request, to ship a straight length piece via UPS, ONLY given that it is cut less than 8 feet. However, this method may not give the rail an as appeasing or seamless look.


If possible, we strongly suggest using a business address for your "ship-to" location when your product is shipped via truck. Using a business address makes it easier for the driver to find the location, and more importantly, helps ensure that someone is available to sign for delivery by the time the truck arrives. 

How can I track my order?


When placing your order, please be sure to share your e-mail address with us. Once your product has shipped, and our company is provided with a tracking number, you will receive your invoice electronically, along with the shipping carrier and tracking number. For more information on tracking, call or email us at 508-897-8339 or

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