Flexible rubrails with inserts are often used on dinghy's, bass boats, center consoles and fishing boats. The material easily conforms around the boat and offers a cushioning effect when contacted. This item aptly fits the description of a boat bumper. The tubular insert can be replaced with a rope insert for those desiring a nautical look.


These products can be coiled and shipped via UPS. Prices below are listed per foot.

Stiffener included in purchase - flexible Inserts are sold separately. Items can be viewed under "Inserts & Trims" > "Flexible Inserts".

While the images shown below demonstrate accurate dimensions, the "gallery view" may distort the photo to look larger or smaller in appearance. For a more accurate extrusion comparison, view our catalog for true-to-size dimensions. Here, you can compare a sample of your rub rail to our life size image.