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Smart rail sections are installed from bow to stern, in order to direct water downward. It increases visibility, top speed, and boat stability, while reducing fuel cost, wakes, side slip, and high speed turns. It also helps by protecting the boat from nicks and scrapes! Made of flexible PVC, and virtually indestructible in nature, the smart rail is bonded to fiberglass, aluminum, or steel hulls by high tech structural adhesives. There is no need to worry about holes or leaks made by the application of our smart rail! The acrylic adhesive is impervious to sunlight, salt or fresh water, oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, acetone, and other solvents. It has been proven in many industrial applications- aircraft, tractor trailers, buses, trucks, and transit vehicles- where temperature swings and tough usage are common.

M1000 Smart Rail

Sales Tax Included
  • Smart Rail Model M1000 is used for displacement hulls. It is the most popular smart rail to date!


    $589.00/set. Set includes two 7'7" and an assembly kit. (Shipped via UPS Ground)

  • This product is shipped in straight lengths.

    • 7'7" and 4'6" can ship UPS, avoiding overlength fees.



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