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Choose UPS only if ALL items can be shipped this way. Any items that cannot, the entire order must go via freight TRUCK.

UPS: all coils and straight lengths 7'10" and under. (Smart Rail Standard and Extension Sets ship via UPS)

LTL Truck: straight lengths between 8' and 27' must be sent truck freight and often require a shipping tube for protection.

Additional shipping costs may incur, due to size of order or ship to location, but will not be charged without notification and consent of the customer.

Our cost for LTL shipments used to be $225 for commercial shipments and $275 for residential shipments. This was some of the best overlength pricing of any company in the industry. However, due to the climate of the trucking industry, no carrier is interested in taking freight over 8' long anymore. 


In September of 2021, carriers began implementing overlength surcharges of $1,000, in addition to the natural quote. Luckily, we had a carrier that held our pricing until our account came into review. This allowed us to ship longer than most, but we have finally got the call. 


As of May 6th, 2022, our overlength shipments will have an additional $1,000 surcharge added on, making most shipments to our customers around $1,300. This has made about 65% of all of our inventory unaffordable to ship, thus difficult to sell. We are exploring many options to try and combat this problem, and if you have any logistic recommendations, please contact, Chris (508) 897-8339.


- If you are willing to pay the shipping cost, you may still order. 

- If you would like to schedule your own carrier, please call us and we can give you the weight and dimensions of your shipment. 

- If you would like to pick up the material from our warehouse, please give us a call. 

- If you would like your order to be cut into UPSable lengths (under 8'), please select the UPS option and write the sizes in the customer notes. 


Keep in mind that all UPS orders are unaffected.

Dear Valued Customer,

For international or non-continental USA orders, please call 1-508-505-4001 to place an order.

Returns are granted for damaged goods only, otherwise all sales are finalIf you are unsure of your order, or your shipping method, we encourage you to speak to us directly before ordering. For damaged or defective goods, notify our customer service department and explain the nature of the problem. The customer may be requested to return a sample of the merchandise to our QC lab for evaluation.