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Integrity Marine Corp is the only place to
turn for all of your boat rub rail and marine extrusion needs

"If you have Integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have Integrity, nothing else matters." - Alan Simpson

Mark Demers is the founder of Barbour Plastics Marine Division, the leading manufacturer of rub rails to boat builders for the past 40 years, and the President of Integrity Marine Corp. His unprecedented knowledge and expertise has been retained by his family to provide this same quality of service that has been implemented for the last four decades. This has maintained Integrity Marine Corps’ reputation of being the largest aftermarket rub rail supplier in the United States and the sole certified rub rail distributor of Barbour Plastics Marine Division material.


As the largest boat rub rail source in the U.S., there is an 85% probability that our rub rail was installed on your boat as the original factory equipment. Since the 1980’s, we have developed over 1200 rub rail dyes for custom applications and each of these shapes were carried in a number of colors and lengths. As this volume was repetitive and difficult to house, we adjusted our current stock to the top 300 most popular variations of marine extrusions. Our refined inventory list includes a number of: rigid rub rails, flexible rub rails, spray rails, stainless steel inserts, interior trims with tape, awning tracks, canoe rub rails, dock bumpers, and end caps. Many of these profiles are thought to be discontinued and have been labeled as “hard to find”, but once you have found us, you have found the greatest archive of rub rail for boats that exists.


This active inventory list was tactfully chosen to satisfy customers from all realms of the boating industry. Whether you are a world-famous boat builder, a seasoned fiberglass repair shop, or an independent boat owner, Integrity Marine Corp is the correct place to start when it comes to rub rail for boats. For builders, we have a number of sharp-looking profiles that are competitively priced and easy to install. The marinas and repair shops will greatly benefit from our expertise and efficiency, as time on the phone and the hassle of researching parts will be minimized. While the independent boat owners who are just looking to repair a short section of their existing rail may be able to find the OEM part, without having to replace the entire boat rub rail. All of these features are unique to IMC, as we will take the time to make sure that your needs are met.

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We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service that brings back the “family-feel”. Contacting us results in a person-to-person relationship where photos, dimensions, and samples are exchanged to ensure that you’re confident in the rub rail that you are planning to install. You could be shopping based on specific criteria, such as: the make and model of your boat, the size that your hull to deck joint can accept, or a preferred look and style that you have envisioned for your project. When you call, one of our experts will take your unique criteria into account and guide you to the perfect rub rail combination for your boat's aesthetic and budget. This sales rep will also do their best to limit your freight cost and time in transit, as this realm is constantly changing.

One of the greatest advantages that Integrity Marine  possesses is speed due to our dedicated shipping team and the large number of items in stock. This allows our orders to depart from our Brunswick, GA or Brockton, MA warehouse within two business days. This has your package on your doorstep in about a week's time. Our standard carrier is UPS for all packages that can fit dimensionally, as well as Old Dominion, Estes, and FedEx freight for our overlength and heavy material. 


To counter the extreme costs of overlength freight, we have a number of techniques that we can walk you through. Whether it is cutting material down, coiling rigid sticks into UPSable boxes, allowing customer pickups at our locations, or offering the weight and dimensions of the packages for your own carrier quotes; we are set on spending the extra time to save our customers both time and money. To strengthen our claim, we have recently purchased a truck and trailer that runs deliveries at a reduced cost around both the East and West coast’s of Florida once a month. In the future, these route’s may expand into the Carolina’s if the demand is there.

We urge you to never settle for the inferior experience that other companies will offer. The counterfeit or generic rub rails will not match your existing rail, nor fit your boat as designed by the manufacturer. This will take more time and energy out of your purchasing team and clog up your boat yard while you wait for material. There is no reason to compromise on quality and service, since our Rub Rail-Direct prices will provide you the perfect rub rail at a very competitive price. Integrity Marine Corp is fully devoted to marine trims, and we know that you will find a home with us, as we live up to the phrase,


                                             "Rubrails • R • US!"

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