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Uniflex rubrails are a patented boat rubrail system developed by Barbour Plastics, Inc. The advantage of this product is the integrated stiffener in the base of the rail. Enjoy the easy of flexible rubrails that can be installed in a continuous coil without the need of being heated to bend around the bow or transom. Uniflex incorporates a co-extruded stiffer material on the base of the tail to achieve a "straighter" look, yet maintains the ability to easily navigate corners.


This product is sold in coils and shipped via UPS. Prices below are listed per foot.

Flexible Inserts sold separately. Items can be viewed under "Inserts & Trims" > "Flexible Inserts".

For further help identifying your profile, view or print our catalog for true-to-size dimensions.

Here you can compare a piece of your rub rail to our life size image.

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