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Rigid rubrails with flexible inserts are the most popular marine rubrail system. The rigid rubrail is affixed to the hull/deck joint utilizing either rivets or screws. The flexible insert is then popped into the rigid base to provide a cushioning effect on impact as well as hiding the mechanical fasteners. The rigid base goes on straighter than semi-rigid material, but may require heat to navigate any tight radii on the boat.


Many, but not all, of these rigid items can be shipped in coils, by UPS, to eliminate seams. Prices below are listed per foot.

Flexible Inserts sold separately. Items can be viewed under "Inserts & Trims" > "Flexible Inserts".

For further help identifying your profile, view or print our catalog for true-to-size dimensions.

Here you can compare a piece of your rub rail to our life size image.

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