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Complete your rub rail with these flexible inserts

These products are sold in coils and shipped via UPS. Prices below are listed per foot.


Insert: Base/Stiffener

        F713: F2015 / R821            F714: F2031 / R821, 92159             F717: F817            F718: F818            

F2021 / R820, F2201 / R807, 92021, 92124, 92162, 92200        F758: F2051, 92051, 92160             

F850: R1050, R1051, R1313, R1414, R1415          F866: F2066          F878: R1078, R1209, R1257          F8151: F2078

F8178: R1235       F8189: R1189       F8462: Aluminum Rubrail        F8493: Aluminum Rubrail       F9175: R1175       F9878: R1078, R1209, R1257   

F98175: R1238, R1247, R1283       F9878(Stripe)R1078, R1209, R1257      F98260: Aluminum Rubrail       F98244: Aluminum Rubrail         

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